Sunday 21 November 2010

Hitting the road

We headed out this morning after trying to get packed up yesterday. We actually pulled out just before 7AM which has to be a record. Part of it was that we packed more lightly than normal as our trip is a bit shorter than normal. As part of that, Mom set out one suitcase / luggage for each child. Alice’s initial response was to fill hers with stuffed animals and then expect put her clothes in Mom’s suitcase. That plan was firmly rejected.

Mom had planned an activity for us at our intermediate destination but we arrived so early that she was at a bit of a loss on what to do. The big excitement was at our hotel, which has ducks that live in a penthouse on the roof but relax in the lobby fountain during the day. At 5PM they march out from the lobby in to the elevator. Mom’s plan was to arrive just in time to check in and watch the ducks but we got there by early afternoon. As a result we spent time walking around Memphis and seeing the historical sites. The children were not as enthused about this educational experience as Mom had hoped. On the other hand, Charles did get to ride on a trolley, adding one more mode of transportation to his collection.

P.S. The duck walk was very exciting. There was a decent crowd there, Mom and I had to let the kids sneak forward by themselves to get through the throng.

P.P.S. Memphis seems to have taken in hard in the current economic downturn. The hotel we stayed in had a shopping mall attached to it which had basically been shut down. There were lots of other empty stores all over downtown.

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