Sunday 14 November 2010

Harry Potter in Space

Charles and Alice spend a lot of time playing together. Charles drives the activity but he is constrained to do things that Alice finds interesting. This generally involves scenes of domesticity in fantastical environments. What seems to dominate that now could best be described as “Harry Potter in space” with a bit of Stars Wars mixed in to get princesses involved. This allows Charles to get his Lego™ spaceships involved and Alice to use the minifigs. The discussions on how turbo-lasers interact with Expelliarmus are always entertaining. The two of them also use the various Lego™ buildings (such as Alice’s princess castle, or Charles’ Hogwarts) to set up scenes which influences the direction of play. A rescue is generally involved, along with discussions on whether various minifigs’ children should be permitted to engage in various fun activities.

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