Wednesday 24 November 2010

Finally, we see Dad's kin.

Today Mom and I started off with a walk down the highway a bit to a nearby Starbucks for some coffee. We walked by the round rock for which the town is named, and then cut back through a park which goes under the overpasses for the creek in which the round rock sits. Unfortunately the bridge which crosses the river in the park was closed, presumably (based on our inspection) because it was no longer safe. Instead we kept on along the culvert to get our morning fix brew. We walked back a slightly different way, right next to the highway and along a sidewalk that simply ended on the other side. But a quick climb up a hill and we were back in the hotel parking lot, which had not (surprisingly!) been destroyed by our unsupervised children.

Then we made the most important stop of the trip — IKEA! Mimi had a half day of work and the cousins were in school so it was the perfect time. Corwin was bribed in to resigned acceptance by the promise of a lunch with Swedish meatballs (which, I must say, are quite delicious with the gravy). Alice found her dream bed. We picked up a few things, the biggest being a new member of the Sleepy Time Crew — an almost Charles sized shark named, of course, “Big S”. It’s my fault, I must admit. I saw a pile of them and joking suggested to Charles that he bug Mom to get one. Mom just shrugged and said “OK”, presumably to teach me some lesson, but frankly I learned nothing. As if! You’d think Mom had met me just yesterday.

Anyway, that wasn’t really enough because there was also a huge bin of small plush mice. Alice and Charles both got one, Alice first because she needed a small companion for “Ratty” (a life sized plush rat) who was along for the trip.

After IKEA we headed over to Mimi’s house. Alice had a break down as soon as we arrived because she and Charles got in to an argument about what the names of their stuffed mice, which both wanted to call “Mousy”. Eventually we made Charles surrender, so he called his “Brownie” because it’s brown. Another crisis averted by quality parenting.

Uncle Craig dropped by with Cousin Bryson and Cousin Dawson. He had to leave immediately to pick up a table for the big Thanksgiving event at his house the next day. While he was gone we (Mom, Corwin, Charles, Alice, Dawson, Bryson, and Mom). went down the the creek. I had packed water shoes along but of course forgot them so I had to walk around on the rocks in bare feet. It was fun, but it hurt. Parts of the rocks were slippery and I was carrying my new smart phone with me which made it more interesting. At least I got the kids to hurt their feet as well, which made it better.

Charles’ big project was building Rock Island, a brand new island in the creek (after that, Alice built one too). Mom and Alice looked for fossils. Alice found a very nice urchin, which sadly she lost on the way back, leaving her in tears. We threw a bunch of rocks, and waved to Mimi and Uncle Evil up at the house. Uncle Evil and Uncle Craig came down after that to hang out at the creek with us. Eventually we headed back because we were losing the sun.

For dinner we went to the restaurant where Aunt Nong works. For a wonder we got Mimi to go out with us. As an indication of how often she goes out, I had to help her with paying the bill with a credit card because she had never done that before1. The best moment was when Mom noticed Corwin once again holding his fork in a death grip instead of a proper grip.

Mom: Corwin, hold your fork correctly!

Corwin: Awww!.

Mom: It’s impolite to hold your fork that way unless you’re being attacked.

[Corwin looks at Uncle Evil — we all laugh]

Dad: Probably not the best explanation at this time.


Mom: Dang! I forgot to change my shirt after we got back from the creek.

Alice: Why did you want to do that?

Mom: We sweated and it’s a little stinky.

Charles: A little stinky?

Charles, sad to say, survived that conversational gambit.

The most interesting bit was that Uncle Evil made Alice hyperactive, even for Alice. She was bouncy at just the anticipation and encouraged Uncle Evil’s predations on Corwin all evening. He ended up wrestling with her and Charles in the corner, and I presume it was only Nong’s clout that prevented us from being bodily evicted.

1 Mimi paid because that was the only way we could convince her to go along.

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