Wednesday 10 November 2010

Burn, brushy, burn!

Tonight we finally got around to burning the brush pile. It was quite a large pile by then and the stuff on the bottom was actually fairly dry and tindery. We also piled a lot of pine needles on top to help out. Corwin was given the honor of lighting it, which he started to do by just tossing lit matches on top, rather than say half way down where it could work its way up through the pine needles.

Nonetheless, eventually ignition was achieved which resulted quickly in flames about half way up the second floor. The nearby pine trees managed to avoid lighting up, which was probably for the best. The kids thought it was awesome although the chooks did not particularly care for it (they huddles in their coop, having been carefully counted before hand).

After the fire burned down a bit I brought out some old rocket motor parts. Some were motor fuel going bad, but most were just fuel chunks and delay charges that I could no longer identify and I certainly wasn’t going to be flying any rockets on unknown motor parts. I had been saving them for just such an occasion and I let the boys toss them on the fire one at a time. The delay elements generated some interesting flames but not a lot. The motor elements were much better, generating large jets of flame that were eye searingly bright. What was surprising was how long it took them to ignite. One took a couple of minutes of sitting in a bonfire before it went off.

After that we tried toasting hot dogs but the heat was so intense that it was hard to stay close enough to get anything roasted. I resorted to using a fire mitt which helped. Corwin riffed on this and used some of Mom’s pot holder gloves. But even so, once the gloves started steaming I had to move back. Still, I got one for Alice and two for me mostly well roasted. And none of the kids ended up with significant burns! A win all around.

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