Tuesday 23 November 2010

Big rocks of war

We got up slowly this morning. Mimi was at work and the cousins in school so we decided to head out to Enchanted Rock which we had visited on a previous trip. Mom also wanted to visit the Nimitz Museum of the Pacific War and do a bit of shopping in Fredericksburg.

It was about 90 minutes of driving to get to Enchanted Rock but Mom said we’d been driving so much this would seem like a short trip. We found our way there without much trouble and piled out to start the long hike up to the summit. Mom didn’t make it to the top last time because she was had a young Charles and baby Alice on her back, hiking up a mountain in a drizzle. The day this time was a very nice day, warm but not hot with a partially cloudy sky and a bit of a breeze. We decided to all go up the main rock. It was strenuous enough that even Mom was a bit winded. I kept Corwin moving by pointiong my camera at him any time he sat down. Alice did very well, making it all the way to the top little complaint. Charles thought it was all great fun and zipped around like a little dervish.

We rested for a bit at the top and then went off to see if could find what was labeled as a cave on the far side. We found a small cave that lead to a depression which contained what looked like the entrance to the real cave. Mom, Corwin, and Charles went in to explore, using Mom’s smart phone as a flashlight. I was left behind with Alice, Mom considering her unlikely to enhance the experience. Corwin wimped out shortly after entering so the three of us waited for Mom and Charles to return. After a while Corwin, and then Alice, wanted to try calling Mom on her phone to see if she and Charles were permanently lost and we could just go on back to the hotel. But I made them wait and finally Charles and Mom returned in triumph, having successfully navigated the underground passage. Corwin had his own triumph, which was spotting two lizards (one on the way up, and another on the way down). By then, it was starting to get in to the afternoon so we hiked back to the car and headed over to Fredericksburg for lunch.

Our next stop was the Nimitz Museum which has evolved in to a general museum of the Pacific Theatre of WWII, becoming the de facto national museum. It’s amazingly extensive for being in such a small town. Mom had naturally parked at the other end of Fredericksburg to enable us to have a nice walk there and back.

We spent the entire afternoon there, until it closed at 5PM, and really only went through a single building out of nearly a dozen (although it was the largest of them). They even had the one mini-sub that was captured at Pearl Harbor during the attack on display. It was interesting enough that we didn’t have any complaints from the kids before we left. And best of all, because we stayed until close, we didn’t have time to go to the gift shop. Total win!

P.S. We did hit a shop in Fredericksburg. Charles got a small plastic tank which was named, inevitably, “Tanky”, and Alice got a plush Hello Kitty. I wanted to get Alice a large (3 foot × 3 foot × 2 foot) Hello Kitty pillow but Mom wouldn’t even give it a sliver of consideration. Corwin bought a small plastic rooster he named “Bill, the German Chicken” because he already had (at home) a small plastic rooster named “Bob, the German Chicken” and it’s important to keep things straight.

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