Sunday 24 October 2010

Trunk or Treat

Today was “Trunk or Treat” for the church. There are games inside and some of the adults decorate their cars and hand otu candy to the kids as they make their rounds of the parking lot. I went as a “Mad Rocket Scientist”. Charles was a wizard again and so was Corwin. It was a popular theme — four other kids came as Harry Potter wizards (2 Harry, 1 Ron, 1 Hermione).

Charles decided his costume from “Tuesday” wasn’t good enough so I took him out running errands so he could get accoutrments to improve his look. We dropped by a costume shop but Charles didn’t like anything there. In the end I had t pick up some more model spray paint from a hobby shop and Charles decided to get some green felt and fabric “dimensional glue. At home Charles (with some help) glue the felt to the front of a shirt, let it dry, then drew on it with the glue. It turned out well, I thought, except for initially getting the ‘z’ in “Wizard” backwards.

Corwin once again “volunteered” to help out with the games, while I manned the car to hand out candy. I mixed some “champagne poppers” in to the mix which turned out OK. They were very popular but I had work at restricting them to one per kid and not letting the younger children have some (because they lack the strength to make them work).

Alice dressed as a bunny based on her ballet outfit. It was at least easy to get together. Alice reprised Corwin’s cake walk adventure, playing over and over until she got a little plate of cupcakes. I think she ate one at home and forget the rest until they got stale.

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