Thursday 14 October 2010

The surprise under the bench

Charles and I went over to pick up Alice from dance one evening because Mom was being a church lady. Charles wanted to stay in the car but I forced him to accompany on the philosophy that I had to hang out with little girls in leotards, he did too. Charles had a different idea. As soon as we got inside he crawled under a bench in the waiting room. I got up to see if I could spot Alice on the room monitor. While I was up another young girl in a leotard, about 14 or so, sat down on the bench. She looked a bit askance as I came back to sit by her, so I advised her “watch out for monsters under the bench”. At this moment Charles chose to emerge, leading to a rather startled girl. She just commented “Gosh, I have never had that happen before!”. That’s Charles’, bringing new experiences to everyone he meets. And always meeting new girls.

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