Saturday 30 October 2010

Soccer Report

Today was Charles’ last soccer game. They played against Josie’s team for the first time (the only local team they didn’t play twice). The game was supposed to be a few weeks ago but it was rained out.

Charles’ team played well and was rewarded with a 3-0 victory. The other team played well too but were not playing as well as a team. On the other hand, all three goals were by the same player on breakaway plays. A couple of the opposing goales did quite well against other attacks and at least twice the opponents didn’t score only by pure luck (one scrum in front of the goal with no goalie, and another a good shot bounced off the side post — 3 inches the other way would have been a clean score). Again, the score was noticeably more lopsided than the game in my view.

Charles played well, helping out on defense and offense, although he wasn’t a goalie. He took several shots at the goal but wasn’t quite accurate enough to get the score. The team did some actual passing. They’re also starting to do better about staying forward rather than everyone rushing back on defense, although perhaps a bit too much as several times the opposing team had a good attack of 4 or 5 players going up against just a goalie and a defender. The midfield, at least, should have come back to help but luck was with Charles’ team and the defense managed to hold off.

Charles not quite scoring

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