Saturday 23 October 2010

Soccer Report

Charles’ team had a rematch which went better, a 4-0 victory. I was surprised by the score because both teams were playing well and if anything, I think the other team did (a little) better on field control. They were playing a more forward defense as Corwin’s team did in their last game with a similar result of being scored on by break aways.

Charles, however, was on fire that day. He played goalie for the first quarter and, in my view, basically won the game for them by absorbing the best attacks of the opponents. He was running, blocking, and jumping on the ball with abandon. He took multiple hard shots and stopped them all. The opponents had the field tilt and a moderate wind for help and never really recovered after that quarter in terms of bringing that sort of attack to bear on the goal. One of the other parents said that he’d never seen a kid that age play goalie that well before (probably something of an exaggeration but Charles did play exceptionally well).

Charles was in as midfield the second quarter and did quite well at that, then was out for the fourth quarter. He was offense in the last quarter but both teams were starting to wear out by then. Charles played more strategically, staying very far forward while avoiding the offsides and did get a few good passes from his team to take in for attacks. Unfortunately for Charles he’s not quite master the off-angle kick and the opposing goalie was actually quite good. She stopped a couple of outside Charles shots and one where she charged in so close she’s lucky Charles didn’t kick her in the face. But that’s how you stop the offense so I salute her bravery.

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