Saturday 16 October 2010

Soccer Report

Charles soccer game went well even with a loss of 1-3. This was considered a good result because the previous game had resulted in a crushing 0-5 that was worse than the score sounds. This time the game was actually tighter than the score makes it seem, with the final goal scored just a minute before the end of the game.

The team played much better than they had that first game. They still need to work on their passing and follow up. They had too many nice saves in defense that came right back because they were kicked past the entire team with only one or no players charging after it. This varied, though, and they were better in the first half at keeping players downfield and pushing on offense. This kept the first half scoreless with a number of close calls on both sides, although the other team definitely had better overall field control.

Charles went in for offense in the fourth quarter and he did better about staying downfield, near the middle to push on any kicks that came out. However, the team was starting to fade by then and he didn’t get any good opportunities as had happened in earlier quarters. Charles should, though, have charged back a couple of time when the ball was kicked in to open field with him as close as any other player. At least he’s got the basic theory right, he just needs to work on execution.

Charles did have several good saves while he played defense and midfield earlier in the game. He also managed to fall down while trying to execute a pick without touching the ball or the other player. He did do better about taking charge of the ball instead of waiting for another player to take it. I did yell at him once to not defer to opponents like that. One of the other parents thought that was very funny for some reason.

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