Tuesday 12 October 2010

Soccer Report

Corwin had a game last night. Unfortunately it was late, cloudy, and drizzling so no pictures. It was a game against a team they had played previously away, this time it was a home game.

Although they lost 1-4 it was a good game, the team playing quite well. Ema in particular was playing up, striking out of nowhere and winning one on ones. The problem was mainly the opponents are a very good team and played even better. The previous game had ended in a ignominious 0-6 loss, so they were definitely doing better. Two of the opponent scores were on really nice kicks — rather than trying to power pass the goalie, the kicker was able to punt it just enough to go over the goalie while still dropping enough to make it in the goal.

The forward defense that Corwin’s team was using was a bit fragile as well. The other team was able (using the same punting technique) to have one player pop the ball over the defensive line while another ran through to penetrate without being offsides. Since the attacker was faster than any of the defenders it was then a straight solo run at the goalie.

Another technique I think Corwin’s team should pick up is the double teaming. The opponents were quite good at having someone “sneak up” behind a player while that player was trying to get past another opponent. For some reason it’s far more common for a second supporting player to also be in front of the target, which means the target can watch both of them. If the second player comes up behind, the target doesn’t even know he’s there until he loses the ball.

Corwin’s team score was on a very well done play, a hard drive to the side with a cross pass to a waiting teammate who put it in before the goalie could switch direction.

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