Sunday 10 October 2010

Soccer Report

Yesterday’s soccer game for Corwin was an away game. The team was a bit short and had to borrow two players from the team they played last week (a former teammate and his little brother) to get up to having two substitutes. The other team had only one substitute and had already played a game that day. A few of Corwin’s teammates had run a cross country meet so it was a hard game all around.

It was a reasonably even game, but Corwin’s team definitely had better control of the field for most of the game. The opponents had a good comeback in the third quarter with several strong attacks on goal but they had faded back by the fourth quarter. Their best attack was one that bounced off the cross beam. I thought it was out but it dropped forward in to the mass in front of the goal. Our goalie managed to literally swat the ball out of the air to prevent a follow up score. A very close shave.

Both teams had tough defenses leaving the final score 1-0. My favorite bit was listening to the opposing goalie complain to the coach about being goalie, because he was (he claimed) also a good forward. Not a minute later he made a spectacular save. One of the other parents noted “maybe that’s why the coach has him in as goalie”.

Corwin’s team played well, not quite as together as the previous game but definitely working as a team and individually. Corwin had a very easy game. Due to field dominance he didn’t get a lot of opportunity and what he had he politely deferred on to his teammates. Such a considerate boy. Corwin did have one opportunity to impress the team when he used his butt to deflect a ball. He’s got the hip strength and derriere expanse to make that work according to the comments I heard afterwards from his teammates.

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Charles had a game scheduled but Mom sent him to a Bowdacious event instead. I found out later that the other team ended up not showing up for the game so Charles didn’t actually miss it.

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