Tuesday 05 October 2010

Soccer Report

Corwin had another soccer game yesterday evening. I am not so fond of evening games, especially as autumn wears on and it gets dark so early. But that’s the way the ball gets kicked.

Corwin’s team was playing the same team as two weeks ago when they got crushed. Corwin’s team played much better this time, dominating the field for most of the game and running up the score 4-0 before the coach dialed back the offense. Corwin was playing about average but the rest of the team seemed very on their game. I don’t think strategically they played much better but tactically they were winning a lot more of the one on ones and doing (somewhat) better with passing quickly before the opponents could swarm them. Ema in particular had a very much better than average game, making excellent kicks all over the field and mixing it up successfully with opponents multiple times. On the other hand, poor Josh, who had an otherwise good game, missed three goal shots by less than a foot too high, one bouncing off the cross beam. But at least his little brother scored and I am sure Josh will take much solace from that.

Corwin had a few nice returns and didn’t get beat out as regularly as the previous game with this team. At the end of the game the coach put him offense and he actually attacked. Some. I was … encouraging him to be more persistent in his encounters. He finally tried it after getting the ball picked. The result was he recovered control and was able to execute a nice pass to a teammate. I thought this positive result would help him understand why I wanted him to do that but it doesn’t seem like any learning occurred.

I did see a couple of double headers, but no triples.

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