Thursday 28 October 2010

Hard Selling

All these posts about Scout parties and no mention of the true joy of scouting, selling popcorn. And now, Christmas greenery!

None of you noticed the little “Buy Scout Popcorn” link on the upper left, but that was part of our effort. One can now selling online, although the selection there is a bit limited. On the ground, we sent out Charles to push popcorn in the neighborhood while Corwin worked on greenery. For some reason I don’t recall, Mom ended up taking Charles around while I helped out with Corwin. We were too busy to make a real effort on the popcorn front so we had our company donate a lot of popcorn to the troops to get Charles’ sales level up.

Corwin we made use a list of targets previous customers who live in our neighborhood, provided by an older scout who is finishing his Eagle and graduating. We did OK on that, doubling the minimal sales target and adding a couple of names to the list.

All that’s left is to hope that everything comes back and gets delivered before we leave for Thanksgiving.

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