Friday 22 October 2010

Daddy Points

I was driving back from somewhere with Corwin and Charles. Charles did something good, what I can’t honestly remember, but I awarded him one “Daddy Point”. Charles thought that was awesome and immediately started singing “I got a Daddy Point, I got a Daddy Point”. Corwin became concerned that he didn’t have any Daddy Points. He went through anger, denial, and then disparagement, asking “what good is a Daddy Point?”. Charles replied “It’s good because they’re so cool”. I noted that they were also good for using to lording over one’s sibling which Charles proceeded to demonstrate with vim and vigor.

Charles has since tried using unctuous praise to acquire more Daddy Points, but I don’t hand them out for mere words. Corwin tried to get some, then decided he would prove his despite by trying to get negative points, and has since cycled back and forth between those positions inconclusively.

Alice is starting to wonder how she can get some Daddy Points. If only Mom would catch the fever …

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