Tuesday 26 October 2010

Chicken Heating

Mom’s big project over the last week or two has been preparing Chooks for winter. Even though I think chickens are native to the area and should survive just fine, Mom thinks they will need heat or something. She’s being going at the chicken coop with spray insulation so it looks like caterpillars with too much roughage in their diet have been all over it. The kids have been drafted cheerfully volunteered to help out. Corwin put shingles on the roof, while Charles cut a new floor to put over some insulation. Charles also had the privilege of putting some primer on the outside to prevent things from rotting quite as fast.

One thing Mom wanted to do was put in a lightbulb for heat. I think it will just make the chooks stay up all night partying but Mom insists on doing it. She’s been looking at having an electrician come out to add an external outlet but while we were out discussing the best place to do it, I (me!) discovered that there is an outside outlet on the back of the house. We’ve been living here for almost seven years and we had always lamented that lack. But there it was. I think it might have grown there over the summer. But now the chooks will have a heated coop for their parties.

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