Friday 29 October 2010

Chicken brush

We have been accumulating this large brush pile in the back yard on the burn pile. We kept saying “we’ll burn it Real Soon Now” but it’s still there. With the plastic chicken fence up, igniting it is even more problematic as it will certainly melt the fence. It’s been there so long that some old tomato was from last year’s garden sprouted and generated a couple of tomato plants with tomatoes that never quite ripened. They eventually fell off and were eaten by the chickens.

Meanwhile the chickens have created a couple of nesting places inside the brush. I discovered this one day by finding 8 or 9 eggs there. Unfortunately that many eggs meant several days production and since we couldn’t be sure how long the eggs had been laying there we couldn’t eat them.

We check the pile regularly now, both for eggs and when we can’t find all the chickens.

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