Saturday 09 October 2010

Catapulted in to the deep end

Corwin has come to the end of a school saga. He was assigned the task of building a catapult out of a mousetrap and duct tape capable of somewhat accurately flinging a marshmallow 5 meters and 7 meters. A superficially interesting project but as far as I could tell it was just assigned but not discussed in class. Kids with older siblings who had done it before were able to finish early during the “pre-test”. Corwin, on the other hand, struggled with his for several weeks, on and off. He ended up building 3 different models, none of which really did as well as required. He eventually had to settle for a B on the project because he couldn’t get the 7 meter accuracy. We found out later that the brand of mouse trap mattered, even though the school didn’t mention that and had the kids buy the mouse traps on their own. Not a very pedagogical experience I would say. Corwin had been doing very well in grades this year, with A/A+ in all his classes but he’ll have to work to get back to that now. He’s starting to have problems from “forgetting” assignments again. What’s depressing is that I have no doubt he actually did forget and isn’t just dodging the assignments. Mom has been trying to get him to use an assignment book but he forgets to do that too.

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