Wednesday 27 October 2010

Boy Scout Halloween

Corwin’s Boy Scout Halloween party was last night. Not much to report as I didn’t attend. Corwin’s big concern is that they have a “candy mix” event. Every boy is supposed to bring a bag of candy. All the bags are dumped in to a large bin, mixed up, and then divided among the contributors.

The real excitement was a couple of days earlier, when Mom noticed that Corwin had a school orchestra concert scheduled for that evening. Corwin was debating on whether to rebel and insist on the party when, in the morning, we received news that the concert was actually the next week. Corwin was very relieved. I was left wondering if Corwin had noticed the conflict earlier and “forgotten” to mention the concert. Normally that would be obvious but Corwin had done it before with no purpose. Unless … he was setting us up to avoid suspicion later.

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