Sunday 05 September 2010

The past is always behind us

The big activity over the weekend was Mom’s XX High School reunion (yes, Mom graduated from High School, don’t believe the rumours). On Friday Mom went out to a bar for a pre-reunion reunion, Mom only lets me out in public with her in limited amounts so I was left home with the kids. On Saturday we went to a tour of the High School, given by the superintendent who was, when Mom was in High School, the biology teacher. It was interesting to walk the old halls which were in part the same and in other parts very renovated. The superindentent referred to the oldest part as “the 26” because it was built in 1926. The main hall there was the exactly the same (except for more class pictures on the wall) but other parts had been moved, or extended, or redone with audio / visual equipment rather than rotary slide projectors.

Back in my day, Mimi helped out a lot with the band, particularly the flags and the rifles for marching band. Quite a number of former schoolmates would say “hi, nice to see you — how’s your Mom?”. Even Uncle Evil’s old girlfriend Laura C. did that, although she did get around to asking about Uncle Evil as well. Just to be polite.

In the evening Mom let me go with her to the actual re-union which had an OK turnout (Mom said less than the bar the previous night, although a number of different people at each).

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XXV reunion.

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