Wednesday 22 September 2010

The infection spreads

Corwin has been encouraging Charles to “wug” Corwin’s friends because if you can be cruel to them, what’s the point of socializing? Poor Levi had to endure sitting in the back of the van with a wugging Charles and Corwin. He had Alice as well when we stopped for a visit at my friend’s house that evening. The one thing he got out of it was that he can unleash RachelG on Corwin as payback for his treatment by Alice. That should be fun.

Anyway, Corwin now reports that it’s starting to catch on as a fad in middle school. No actually wuggings, but lots of threats of it. When Charles heard this he exclaimed “Ho ho ho, my plan to create evil minions is working!”. Corwin pressed for further details but Charles is far to clever to reveal the details of his plans before they come to fruition. All I know is that if Charles turns the middle school in to a army of mindless wuggified zombies, he is not storing them in the house.

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