Sunday 26 September 2010

Soccer Report

Corwin’s team had a much better game this time than last. I think they may have been trying to make up for the last time, playing a very good game against a much weaker opposing team. I think the final score was 8-0 even after the coach tried to detune the offense — by the end he had Corwin and another defender being the offense. But the opponents were so demoralized by then even Corwin scored a goal (his first in years).

Corwin had a good game, doing well on defense and (as noted) scoring a goal on offense. It was Corwin’s type of game until he was shifted to offense as the opponents did get it down field some but not very much. They did get close enough to require a few last moment saves. It was in some ways a mirror image of the previous game where the opponents would execute but be overwhelmed by tactical issues, taking just a little too long to set up a shot leading to being disrupted by aggressive defense.

Corwin’s team offense scored several well earned goals, a couple by low side shots through multiple defenders in to the bottom corner of the goal. Those kind of shots are almost impossible to stop, the challenge is actually kicking one. The opposing goalie was quite good, managing several impressive saves against excellent shots on goal, and doing a good job on goal kicks, getting them downfield and well positioned.

While overall the play was good, the defense was weak enough and the field so small that the passing game was somewhat lacking. Still, probably an excellent tonic, although it is a bit harsh on the opponents.

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