Saturday 25 September 2010

Soccer Report

Charles’ game went well, with a final score of 3-2, thereby scoring 50% more goals in this game than in the previous two together.

The entire team seemed more energized and the quality of play was definitely better. I saw some good passing, good kicks, and some excellent drives. There was one play where the attacker drove down the side then cut along the far edge toward the goal and just as the opponents closed in he popped out a beautiful pass, out in the open and right in front of the goal. Sadly, the other attacker wasn’t quite in the right spot to take advantage of it. But, in contrast to previous games, he was in the right area rather than hanging back. Overall they did a much better job of spreading out around the opposing goal during attacks to keep up the pressure.

The other team was also playing well and it was a close game the entire time. Charles’ team scored a goal very early, then it was tied at 1-1 but soon after that Charles’ team drove in for two more scores to make it 3-1. It seemed good but having watch the game a recovery was definitely possible. The defenses hardened and there was only one more score less than a minute from the end of the game to bring cut the margin of victory to a single goal.

Charles personally was a bit off, I think he might have been suffering from a bit of a cold. He had a few good returns and a drive or two but not really at peak performance. He missed playing the first half because he was hiding behind a tree playing in the dirt and the coach didn’t even realize he was at the game. I am not sure he would have gotten much more time as they had 16 kids show up (with only 9 on the field).

There were a number of scrums around goals on both sides, so another couple of scores for either team could have easily happened. One of Charles’ teammates drove it through right up to the goal and kicked, but the goal had managed to get herself standing right in front so it bounced off her shins after traveling less than a foot. Excellent play on the part of both girls. Charles’ team had a couple of equally close calls. Quite an exciting, well played game.

Dude, hang up and check me later. I’m gone

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