Saturday 11 September 2010

Soccer Report

Two games today, one for Charles and one for Corwin.

Charles’ game was in the morning. I thought we were running late but Charles was only the second player to arrive. I thought that despite having a large team they would be playing short. But by game time they had 12 players or so, enough for 3 substitutes.

The team played well I thought but did not do a good job at finishing attacks or playing defense. Charles was goalie the first half. He was scored on once. The other play broke through and was able to run in from basically midfield unopposed. Charles tried to set up for him but he managed to kick sideways and still get it in the goal. It’s not a good sign when a goalie has no supporting defenders at all. During the second half the goalie was switched out and gave up three goals, one of those by error but the other two break away plays the goalie had little chance of stopping.

There didn’t seem to be any really poor players, it seems it’s primarily a lack of team play. Although it’s still the case at this age that just one or two really good players can make an entire team dominant.

Charles seemed a little off to me, running somewhat but not really getting in to the action. I didn’t get many action shots for him, and once I saw him defer to an opponent which is just wrong. I am also going to work on not flinching or ducking when balls come his way. Use the body, block the shot! Charles did have some good saves as goalie and defender, and a couple of nice attack runs. He had one major collision with a teammate when both of them tried to kick the same ball.

Sadly, though, the end was a 0-4 loss.

Corwin’s game was in the afternoon over in Farmer City. Both teams played well, although I have to give the edge to the opponents despite the final 1-1 tie score. They did a much better job of defense swarming around the goal. I don’t think I saw even one really break away attack from Corwin’s team and it seemed much more that the opponents got people to the goal rather than no fast breaks. Corwin’s team played much more forward, even on defense. There, though, they were not getting in to the goal box all that well. However, the one score they had was on a setup. One player took a good shot but the opposing goalie managed to jump far enough to bounce it off his hands. It rolled over toward the edge and another player was there to pop it in for the one score.

The opposing score was on a break away where, due to lack of defense in depth, the goalie came out to block the play but didn’t quite stop the ball. The only people in the goalie box were two opponents who easily drove it in for the score.

Corwin did better than expected but not as well as hoped. He was willing to run, did better at playing strategically, and had a number of good saves and returns.

Memorable moments included one of Corwin’s teammates doing a nice stop and, while surveying to see where to go, literally tripped over the ball and fell down, leaving it for the opponents to take on the attack. There was one series of headers, it must have been four or five, with a couple of bounces and kick interspersed, that took the ball down for an attack by Corwin’s team. And Corwin’s team’s goalie ran out once to stop another attack but went past the goalie box and blocked with his hand. The other team got a free kick from right outside the box (effectively a penalty kick) but kicked badly so it wasn’t really close.

The younger siblings had a lot of fun with an apple tree growing next to the field which was heavy with ripe apples, many of which were not insect nibbled at all. I had one myself, it was quite tasty.

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