Monday 27 September 2010

Patchwork reasoning

The other night at dinner, Alice was proudly pointing out my personal aversion to the sharing of bodily fluids by stating “Mom tolds us that if we take a bite of something, it’s safe from Dad because he won’t eat it”. I suggested then that Alice take a bite of herself as a protective measure but she declined. I then suggested protecting Charles but Alice didn’t go for that either.

In a not yet related incident I noted to Mom Alice’s lack of abstract analogizing. The kids have been playing the “Hey, What?” game which consists of saying “Hey, —” and having them respond “What?”. If so, then a “curse” passes to the other person. Alice ended up on the bottom end of the chain today and tried to get Mom to throw herself on the curse.

Alice: Mom, when I say “Hey”, you say “What?”.

Mom: What!

Alice: No, not now!

Mom: OK.

Alice: Hey, Mom!

Mom: Yes?

And so on for a while. I tried to get in the action

Dad: Alice, when I say “Hey”, you say “Pinch me!”

Alice: Dad, I’m trying to do something here! Mooooommm, when I say “Hey” …

Alice’s self awareness needs just a bit of work, although I haven’t succeeded so well with Corwin (Charles, as a true cynic, has a keen grasp of this, he simply doesn’t care).

This lead to today’s effort at tying Alice’s shoes, for which I was dragged away from washing dishes.

Dad: Tie her shoes? I think I’ll have a snack first. [Dad picks up Alice in preparation for chowing down]

Alice: No! Daddy!

Dad: Mmmmm. You didn’t take my advice at dinner so it’s snack time!

Alice: I licked my butt!

Dad: [putting Alice down] I don’t think that’s physically possible.

Alice: [Noticing Dad’s hands are still wet from the dishwashing] What’s that on your hands?

Dad: Monkey spit.

Alice: No. That would smell like bananas and your hands smell like lemon.

Mom: See? Abstract reasoning.

What can I say? I gave her full credit.

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