Thursday 16 September 2010

Industrial repair

Another recent Mom project has been fixing our clothes washer. It is a front loader and therefore has three baffles that help agitate the clothes. One of these came off recently. While Mom was investigating solutions another one came off and only was was not working very well. Examining the baffles we noted that each had tables that slid in slots in the main drum with a screw to hold it in place. We had a repair guy come over to check it out and he said that he would have to disassemble most of the machine to get at the outside of the drum to work on the screws. That would have added up to some serious labor charges.

Mom did some more network based investigation and discovered that you don’t have to take the washer apart very much. The engineers did a good job by arranging the soap intake hose connector to come off easily and the hole it uses to match up with the baffle screw locations almost perfectly. One need merely put in the baffle, rotate the drum a bit. Mom ordered the parts off the Internet (who charge $4 / screw but still way less than the repair estimate). Once all the parts arrived it was a simple matter to re-attach the baffles. We hope it works, although as Mom found out the manufacturer had not put the screws in at the factory so the baffles were never locked down.

For my part, I was “hefty guy” because the unit stacks with the dryer which I had to (with some help from Mom) lower and lift to move it on and off the washer. At least Mom has finally found a use for me.

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