Wednesday 15 September 2010


Charles came home the other day, very proud of the fact that he had written a very long answer to a question on an in class assignment, so long he had to turn the paper over and keep going. He tried to tell us what it was about, but it sounded like “tee churt” but it wasn’t “teacher” or “T-shirt”. Charles became very upset that we couldn’t understand and refused to spell it out for us. He’s a bit sensitive because of his earlier speech problems which weren’t helped by getting braces.

Later, however, after he had snack, he wrote it down for me. It turned out to be T-Chart which is a two column listing of for and against reasons for some thing. I encouraged Charles to use his inner pirate to get more “Arrrgh!” in to the word.

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The other day Charles was showing me a magnetix construction which he called an “Orion class Destoyed, Merk Three”. “Merk”? I pondered. Of course, he meant “mark”. I indicated his error but Charles was dubious as to the distinction between “ur” and “are”.

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