Friday 10 September 2010

Chicken run

Mom has decided the chicken coop is a bit small for 5 grown chickens. She has been trying to decide how to address that problem. Her first attempt was to get some plastic chicken mesh and some stakes and set up a small chicken recreation area next to the coop. Unfortunately all the store had was three foot mesh, while Mom wanted four foot. But life is for experimenting and the three foot version was used. Mom set it all up on Wednesday morning.

The result was not all Mom had hoped. Within 30 minutes or so, three of the chickens had escaped. This constituted a critical mass in that with more chickens out than in, there was no incentive to hang out near the coop. I managed to get one back so we had at least a majority inside. I did this at the price of hitting my forehead on sharp metal tines at the edge of the coop fencing, leaving a nice row of bleeding wounds across my forehead.

Mom tried to chase down the other two, eventually aided by the neighbor in whose yard the chickens like to explore. They retrieved one but the last evaded their efforts. Mom then had to leave for her class.

I tried looking myself, despite having wounded my forehead while retrieving the first chicken. After one sweep, I decided that perhaps the chicken had wandered far so I went down to the park and swept back from there to drive the chicken back to our yard. I also tried to track down any clucking noises I heard, flushing two pheasants out of their nests but not finding a chicken. On the fourth sweep I spotted the target, nestled down in an abandoned split rail fence. Despite being apparently brightly colored, in the shade on leafy debris, she was remarkably hard to spot. Her crouching down between the rails didn’t help. It was downhill from there — I gradually herded her back to our yard, then chased her around the chicken zone. After one loop, I undid the gate because Mom had locked the other four in the coop. I planned to do one more loop with the very likely result of the chicken going in the gate and me closing it behind. But the chicken didn’t run as hard and I was able to grab her and stuff her in the coop.

Now Mom owes me big.

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