Sunday 15 August 2010

Vacation wrap up

Time for a vacation wrap up, now that we’ve mostly recovered. Little things I forgot to mention —

  • Alice started a collection of shells the first day on the beach to which she was totally dedicated, to the point of getting upset if any one messed with the shells. By Tuesday it was basically forgotten.
  • Uncle Evil taught Corwin how to make one of his signature dishes, microwaved cheese. I asked about Uncle Evil’s other signature dish, “potatoe things”, but he said Corwin wasn’t quite ready for that yet. The fulminating look from Mom might have influenced him a bit. Mom claims that microwaved cheese is unhealthy but I am not clear on why it’s more unhealthy than non-microwaved. Uncle Evil claims it’s better because a lot of the fat boils out in to a pattern of little fat puddles. It’s food and art!
  • After we visited the battleship Alice complained that Corwin and Charles got toys but she didn’t. Of course she didn’t get any because they didn’t sell any plush items. For Alice, the vacation is about the toys. Uncle Evil tried to help by wrapping a brown napkin around some cotton balls from the Corwin hand repair kit and calling it “Mr. Potsticker”. This didn’t make Alice happy but the boys thought it was awsome.
  • When we had lunch at the Biltmore, Mom ordered Charles the “Plowman’s Plate” which was grapes and a variety of cheeses. Charles liked most of the cheeses and definitely liked the opportunity to sample more fancy cheeses. One result is that he acquired a taste for goat cheese to such an extent that this week, while shopping with Mom at an international food store, he and Corwin insisted that she also buy them some goat cheese. At the same lunch I had a bison burger which was quite tasty. It didn’t taste much different from very good beef. Definitely worth giving a try.
  • At one point I called Alice “white-butted girl”. Alice objected and started to say “Why would you call me that? Why not white —” at which point she noticed Dad’s expectant grin and changed to “never mind!”.
  • As part of the safety briefing for rafting, the guide told us to not wrap a rope around our hand, because it was likely to get pulled on very roughly and strongly, and wet rope can bind up so it won’t come off. She then wrapped the rope around her neck and said “if I have to tell you why this is a bad idea, please stay on the bus and do not get on the raft”.

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