Friday 20 August 2010

They're not going to live long and prosper at that rate

Corwin discovered a month or so ago that Mom can’t do the Vulcan hand sign, where you spread your first and second fingers to one side, and your third and fourth fingers to the other side. Corwin pointed this out to Charles and Alice who, it turned out, could all do it1. The kids thought this lack on Mom’s part was utterly hilarious and they brought it up on a regular basis. Corwin acquired the habit of when he was being criticized by Mom for some lack (such as of utensils while eating) he would just Vulcan hand sign back at her. Mom was not generally amused by this but what can she do? Not the hand sign, at least.

1 Clearly inheriting it from me. Probably a big reason Mom chose me as breeding stock for her offspring.

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