Saturday 28 August 2010

Saturday outings and cleanings

Another very busy day. Mom and I took care of some work and house stuff in the morning, and then it was off to the annual Sweet Corn festival because Charles had a concert there at noon. We wandered a bit while waiting for the start and ran in to Josh and Jake. Corwin refused to talk with them until I gave him enough tickets so he and Josh could play Laser Tag. Josh’s dad showed up as well around then and paid for Jake and another friend to go as well. They got lucky and their game was disrupted for some reason which meant they were able to play another complete game for quite a long period of laser tagging. Eventually, though, Corwin joined us at Charles’ concert, which was very nice.

Corwin went home with Josh after we explored the festival a bit more. I had to head out to a rocket launch to do some test flights and try out my almost completed rocket Lady of Mazes. The paint scheme wasn’t quite complete but I decided I need to try it out while the weather was so nice.

While I was gone, Mom decided to start cleaning out the garage. She had made quite a lot of progress by the time I returned, leaving the garage only crowded rather than overstuffed. It was even possible to use the space between the door and the freezers to set up our new overhead circular saw. It turned out that we had a lot of junk that we didn’t really need anymore. Kind of bizarre. But someday I will be able to park again instead of pulling short because of the piles of junk.

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