Saturday 14 August 2010

Rockets and TV

Corwin’s Funbird on a D12

Corwin and I went out to launch some rockets with the club today. It was a busy day but I needed to get some test flights in for a church project I am working on. The day went reasonably well, with just one close call but otherwise some nice flights. My test flights all went well. Corwin had several flights with his Quark until he lost it in the sun. He had been flying it on just ½A motors to keep it in sight but one blink and it was gone. However, I received an email later from another club member who found it in (as expected) a place where none of us thought it could have landed. I had a nice flight on the Royal Momba on an F45-5. It went almost out of sight and then drifted almost in to the power lines and the road but this time I was waiting for it and snatched it as soon as it landed so it didn’t drift in to traffic. I also got my two stage rocket working after a disappointing failure last time. Two for two on successful launches. Yes!

Dan, Noah, and Dan’s father came out to watch us launch for the first part of the day. I think Noah enjoyed watching the launches.

Another reason we went out was that a local news channel had emailed me about doing a feature on us. Of course, the club is always looking for good publicity so I had to help out with that. That went well. While we were launching another local TV channel called and then came out to get some footage. That makes three TV shows the club has been in this year. That’s more than the entire previous history for us. Odd.

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