Wednesday 25 August 2010

Phoneme assembly troubles

We have been a little concerned about Alice’s reading ability. She ended up not exceeding expectations at the end of kindergarten. Mom has been working with her over the summer to try to get ready for first grade. I help a bit and was getting worried because Alice has a lot of difficulty sounding out words. She is good with letters and sounds but has difficulty putting them together. She will frequently get stuck even though she has all the sounds in the word in order, e.g. “p” “eh” “t but doesn’t hear it as “pet”. Some of her mistakes are quite bizarre. In the previous case, she might sound out all the letters and then guess “pill”. It just seems kind of an odd sort of mistake to make.

However, Alice has been doing better since school started. Yesterday she even made up a bunch of word cards to play with, just some index cards that she wrote words on, although she needed help with some of them. At least she’s expressing some interest in words and reading. So perhaps there’s hope for her playing her GameBoy on her own yet.

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