Monday 16 August 2010

More of the G. Crew

We had Laurie, Sara, their parents, kids, and brother Dan over for a cookout. It almost ended disastrously when Mom set the grill on fire and melted the control handles but, thanks to Dad’s incredible talent at mechanical adaptation, we were able to keep on cooking (after Mom put out the internal grease fire with baking powder). Much fun was had, although my attempts to get a Kaplan project started was done in by some “help” from Graham. When it got dark I went to check on my glow sticks and discovered that while I had a good supply, they had suffered from significant decay. Rather than leaving on the shelf until they were totally useless I let the kids fire them all up. This was met with much enthusiasm. One fun project was gathering up the sticks and throwing them en masse in to the air to create technicolor hail. It was quite interesting looking.

Glow stick hail

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