Saturday 07 August 2010

Leaving the beach

Up early, packing and cleaning. We managed to get on the road a few minutes before 9 AM, our planned departure time, which was quite good for us. Uncle Evil and Aunt Nong were on the road by 7:30. I am not quite sure what we did for the next 90 minutes but Mom and I were busy the entire time. We had to dump all the food, even the condiments, as per the rental agreement. The kids were able to have fudgesicles and ice pops to reduce the amount of food waste.

I must have been running on adrenaline the entire week because I woke up very tired and sore, kind of creaking out of bed to start loading up the van. I managed to bruise a rib at one point, probably via the sand skimmer. Charles, naturally, has found it a couple of times with his hugging and the point of his elbow, just so I could be sure where exactly the problem was.

I made the boys do some cleaning on the van, picking up the debris from the week, along with a lot of water bottles. At one point Corwin picked up a couple and held them in a way that let one partially full one drip on my camera bag and the seat while he rooted around for something. I said sharply “Corwin! Stop it!” to which he responded by looking at me while tilting the leaking bottle to a faster flow. Situational awareness is just not one of his strengths.

We spent the day driving over to Asheville. It was a nice drive, if a bit long. We stopped at the “Crazyfire Grill”: again, because I liked it and I think Mom wanted to annoy the kids. This time Mom used the double-bowl technique. I personally preferred the aesthetics of piling up a single bowl, to improve balance and planning.

After arriving in Asheville around 5:40 we stopped by a local art fair just a few minutes before it closed. That was enough time for Alice to get a new tie die dress. She didn’t want it initially, but when Mom said “you can wear it tomorrow” Alice changed to “oh, yes, I want it! I want this dress!”. Dress obtained, we headed over to our hotel.

In the late evening we went to a kid’s entertainment place called Fun Depot which is a big warehouse filled with kid stuff. Corwin and I did outdoor go-carts. It started out with a massive pileup when the leader didn’t make a turn and the next person hit him, blocking the track. Things spread out a bit after that, although Corwin used the opportunity to get ahead of me, along with another college aged girl who looked exactly like Zina ten years older. But I hung on and just on the last lap managed to squeeze in when she messed up a turn, beating both her and Corwin. Yes! We also did the indoor electric go-carts because those had double cars and everyone could be out on the track. I thought Mom was a road hog until I got behind Corwin who, I think purely fortuitously, weaves back and forth making it very hard to pass (I bumped in to him fairly hard a couple of times as I tried to get past just as he turned). Fortunately, once I was past him he kept Mom bottled up so I didn’t have to face her mad driving skillz.

We also did some laser tag and video games. Charles tried the rock climbing wall but didn’t quite make it to the top. Mom said he was about 2 feet short. A family game of air hockey and some batting cages and we were done for the night.

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