Tuesday 10 August 2010

Homeward bound

Not much to write — we piled in the car in the morning and drove home. On the way Mom pointed out and lets us stop at Smokey Mountain Knife Works which claims to be the world’s largest knife store. It’s certainly very large with far more knives than you could look at in a day. I picked up a few things, plus a new camo folding knife for Corwin, and a multi-accessory folding knife for Charles, now that he has his whittling chip. We didn’t stay as long as we could because I decided we needed to leave before I had too much stuff to fit in the van. Charles was very helpful at that point — the moment I stopped to look at anything he would grab me and say “we have to leave! Now!”.

We got home around 7 PM, relaxed a bit, and started recovering from our adventure. I thought that in the old days, vacations were relaxing because as strenuous as they were, they were still less work than one’s job. Now it’s the vacations that are the most strenuous activity we experience. I was totally exhausted and aching when we got home. A week of work and I should be OK again.

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