Sunday 01 August 2010

Day at the beach

Today was our first full day at the beach. We headed out reasonably early to the beach to get our time in. It was a rather cloudy day, with bits of drizzle now and then.

Alice wanted to go to the swimming pool but Mom pushed on to the beach. Corwin spent most of his time just hanging out in the waves, which he likes. Alice started out timid but determined to follow her brothers she ventured out rather far in to the water. Fortunately the beach slope is very shallow so she didn’t get out in to water over head (on average — some of the waves would require her to jump up for a bit). Usualloy she had our one boogie board or, far more wonderous, she wore her Dora life jacket. She’s never worn that in the water before but she had insisted on packing it and we finally put it to use.

Both Charles and Alice tried out the boogie board for surfing in on waves and both had at least a couple of good rides. I spent some time with Alice and especially Charles trying to teach them the secrets of boogie board and body surfing but I don’t know if any of it had an effect.

We were on and off the beach, leaving in the afternoon because of a heavy rain (we heard thunder but didnt’ see lightning). We tried a bit of late afternoon swimming but it was getting cool so we spent some time resting up, watching TV, and playing MTG. Alice was able to get Mom to take her to the pool for a little while so she had that going for her.

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