Thursday 05 August 2010

Beach, Day Six

It dawned grey and windy this morning. Mom and I popped out for some fancy coffee and decided that it would be a good day to head out to see the Battleship North Carolina in which Charles had expressed interest. Of course, both the boys had been there before but no longer had any memory of it. Uncle Evil and Aunt Nong passed on the opportunity. We piled in to the van and headed off for an hour drive arriving a little after 10 AM.

The boys found it mostly interesting, Alice not so much. Mom kept us going over the entire accessible ship. Corwin had the best moment of the day when he remembered the name of a piece of battleship equipment — a paravane. My primary impression was that it was quite hot and stuffy inside the ship, and this was with fans blowing, some air conditioning, and in a subtropical climate. I can’t imagine what it must have been like cruising in the summer near the equator while having to perform hard physical labor. Mom and I just had a crew of increasingly whiny kids.

We departed the ship around 2:30 and headed for lunch at the Reel Cafe after walking around the downtown for a while. Corwin really wanted to go to a fondue place but I wasn’t eager to have the three of them interacting with boiling oil. We didn’t get back to the beach until after 5, but it stays light and warm so late that we went out for some beach action anyway. The waves were very choppy with an incredible cross current. Uncle Evil decided to play “knock down” and I was perforce required to participate. In the middle of this Corwin comes up and asks us “what are you doing?”. We both just laughed because it’s not a very complex game, the entirety of it consisting of trying to knock down the other guy with the help of waves and current.

I must stop telling Alice odd things, she’s far too trusting. Today we told here that the bits of black sand on the beach was evil that had leaked out of Uncle Evil because he had too much in him. Alice seemed to take that at face value and mentioned it a couple of times later as an observation proving she knew what was going on. We told her that Uncle Evil had to be mean to her brothers so that less leaked out and she was quite accepting of that.

Everyone was a bit tired so we retired early and played a lot of MTG in the evening.

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