Friday 06 August 2010

Beach, Day Seven

Today was our last day on the beach as we have to be out of the rooms and on the road by 10 AM. The weather was definitely better than yesterday until the afternoon when a storm rolled in.

Mom and I took a morning walk on the beach before the kids woke up. When we got back Mom yelled at the kids for turning on the TV, which turned out to be Charles making beeping noises. My Uncle Frank used to be able to perfectly fake the sound of a cat vomiting, but things change and now my child can imitate the sound of a forbidden electronic device turning on.

We had beach time in the morning, with even Alice forced along. Charles spent a lot of time building and some time in the waves.

A thunderstorm came in the early afternoon and everybody left the beach. After we got all of our water sensitive items off the beach and in to the room, Uncle Evil, Corwin, and I played a game of MTG. It was still raining with heavy wind and I thought “gosh, it would be cool to play on the beach in that!”. Uncle Evil also thought it was a great idea but no one else did, not even Corwin. So the two of us went down and had a grand time. The tide was coming in, with big waves and wind from the sea, so we spent some time setting up channels with shovels to bring water to some of the larger pits dug in the sand above the normal high tide line. That worked well. Uncle Evil also tried collecting some of the “evil sand” but that ended up abandoned after a while after Uncle Evil decided to focus on keeping one big pit filled with water. Most of the time we could look up and down the beach and not see another person so we could do whatever we wanted, even though we stayed out of the water due to the (distant) lightning. The storm eventually passed out to sea but Uncle Evil and I were quite tired by then so we headed in for some rest.

The evening was grey but we went out for some group pictures and some last time on the beach. Uncle Evil found an abandoned float, a big donut about 4 feet across and a couple of feet in minor diameter in fluorescent green. He did well wave riding with it despite the wind and choppiness. I just watched the waves while Charles built and Alice sat sullenly. Cowin escaped by claiming he needed to dress his burn. A lot of people had left for the week when the storm hit so the beach was mostly unpopulated and there was a quite a bit of abandoned and broken beach gear (overhead shelters, a dump truck, floats, skimmers, etc.).

We retired for a late dinner (cooked by Aunt Nong) and an early bedtime to be ready to pack up in the morning.

Despite my resolution of the previous day, I almost convinced Alice that Charles had stolen one of her letters because he had seven in his name and she had only five, while Corwin had six. So clearly everyone should have had six. Alice wanted to know which of the letters in “Charles” he had taken from her. I suggested ’s’ and that she should have been “Salice”.

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