Monday 02 August 2010

Beach, Day Four

Uncle Evil and Aunt Nong arrived early this morning (I am not sure what time, probably about 1 or 2 AM — I had fallen asleep waiting). Alice had been able to sleep in her own room the night before but we moved her over to the fold out. There had been some fighting about that earlier in which Alice insisted on a room, which she would end up having to herself. We though that perhaps Alice was old enough to bear some of the burden of vacationing, as the boys would have to share a bed. Corwin orginally objected to the fold out, until he realized there was a TV with a remote in front of it. But that still wasn’t quite enough for him to actively campaign for it.

We had a slow morning, eventually getting out on the beach. One problem was the coffee maker had failed which, as you can imagine, was a major impediment to getting started. Mom called up the rental agency which promised a new coffee maker and a parking tag for Uncle Evil’s car by afternoon. Meanwhile we had fun on the beach. At one point Uncle Evil got buried in the sand so well he couldn’t escape. I had to drag 5 gallon buckets of water up the beach to loosen the sand for him to get out. Why we didn’t just use a shovel is unclear. It’s not like anyone except Uncle Evil would be hurt.

For lunch we tried to go to a restaurant we had visited last time we were here (back in 2002, sadly just the summer before I started this kidlog). Unfortunately it is only open for evenings so we went next door to Captain Jim’s for lunch.

We did some shopping after that, buying a bunch of beach stuff that we’ll have to leave here at a store where the entrance is a giant shark. We got some more boogie boards — Alice didn’t want one until Charles got one than she had to as well. Mom was weak and gave in. Uncle Evil bought a lighter that has a special way to light it because the normal way causes an electrical shock. We popped over to a grocery store across the highway after that, during which Uncle Evil discovered that the shock function didn’t work. So he walked back over to the store to get a new one. There’s no getting away with anything with Uncle Evil. On the way back, he discovered a store selling full sized garden shovels for the same price we were paying for the plastic beach shovels. We debated whether getting one would be a good idea but eventually decided it might get us in trouble actually using it on the beach.

While driving back we got a call from the rental agency that we could drop by to pick up the car tag. That was at about 4, and the office closed at 5. Fortunately, I suggested Mom check the room before heading over and there it was, along with a new coffee maker. For some reason it had been left on so the carafe was very hot and Corwin, being Corwin, immediately gave himself a nasty burn on the back of his hand and finger with it. This kept him unhappy on the couch (until we left and he could watch TV uninterrupted) while we swam. Corwin put ice on the burn for several hours which I think helped, although it still turned out rather nasty.

It was mid to late afternoon by then so we put in some more time on the beach. While we were there Uncle Evil made a little heart of bubbles for Aunt Nong but she didn’t come over soon enough to see it.

Of course once we bought a boogie board for Alice she refused to use it. She became very upset about getting sand in her swimsuit, at various times taking off her top because it had too much sand in it. She wouldn’t go out when the tide was low because of the “hurty place” where there were more pebbles and shells. Alice’s view was we should all go to the pool instead of wasting time in the ocean. Aunt Nong was willing to go to the pool so she got stuck with Alice there.

We saw a dolphin pod go by in the ocean, then we stayed up late watching Howl’s Moving Castle because Alice wanted to see it again.

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