Wednesday 04 August 2010

Beach, Day Five

It was a nice morning except for Alice having an overnight containment failure, despite being told specifically before bedtime to go potty. “I just forgot” she explained.

After cleanup and breakfast some of us hit the pool but most of us went to the beach. The waves were good but getting a little choppy by lunchtime. Mom came out in the waves for a while and I had fun saying “wave, attack!” just as a big one came in to smash Mom. Mom wasn’t overly amused but the boys thought it was great. They tried it themselves but (1) I am much more resistant to waves than Mom or them and (2) their timing and wave judgement were sub-optimal. Bwahaha!

Mom decided we should visit a local museum which featured Operation Bumblebee memorabilia. We stopped at a gift store on the way and bought a lot of fancy fudge, the only reason the boys agreed to come along. However, we didn’t let anyone have of it before we got back so it was a long suffering trip for Corwin. Mom also tried to visit a local turtle rescue house but it was closed for tours for the day.

The afternoon was very choppy waves with a strong side current. It was some work to stand out there and hold position, although I got some nice boogie board rides (as did Corwin and Uncle Evil). Alice and Aunt Nong spent most of their time at the pool, with the boys there most of the time as well. Charles did come out for a while to build a fleet of sand warships, consisting of two cruisers, some destroyers, plus a couple of other ones that he wouldn’t identify for security reasons. Uncle Evil and Corwin played “sand tower bombardment” for a while. They would make two small sand towers with a bucket, then use the shovels to fling sand at the towers to knock them over.

Alice is still complaining that we haven’t gone to McDonalds yet. She’s starting to get worried because the toy she wants is no longer in the advertisements on TV. Her primary complaint is that Mom claimed we would eat so much McDonalds that Alice would be sick of it and we haven’t been to a McDonalds even once! It’s not looking good for the rest of the week either.

We went to a late dinner at the Sea View restaurant which is just down the road. The proprietor came by and gave Charles a little show involving a paper bag and an invisible magic gnome1 he would toss up and catch. Charles even tossed it a couple of times. Charles realized it was a trick but didn’t figure out how it worked. Apparently this floor show was in much demand as the next table over had a little girl (roughly Alice age) who kept demanding when the proprietor would return to entertain her again. They had a map with pins of where customers came from and we were able to add two new pins, one for us and another for Uncle Evil and Aunt Nong.

During the trip there and back, Uncle Evil and the kids had been having an argument about conquering, each claiming sucessively more outlandish capabilities to defeat the previously imagined capabilities. Charles was eventually forced to retreat to Mars, which he pronounced “Mares” and it took Uncle Evil a few times before he figured out what Charles was talking about but eventually it was conquered as well. On the way out of the restaurant we spotted what we think was Mars and I lamented to Charles “that used to be yours”.

Another element of the argument was Charles’ wugging which Uncle Evil found … disturbing. He was eventually forced to develop “anti-wugging technology”. Corwin, in the spirit of brotherly love (I optimistically presume) brought out some “anti-anti-wugging technology” and the three of them were soon lost in the depths of recursion. I am not sure who got the best of it in the end.

1 The boys have taken to claiming any unfortunate incident as the fault of invisible magic gnomes rather than “Nobody”.

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