Tuesday 03 August 2010

Beach, Day Five

In the morning, Uncle Evil and I were sent out to buy shrimp. We had seen a seafood place on the way to the restaurant for lunch the day before and Mom had decided we should try grilling shrimp. We stopped by but were told we had to show up early in the morning. However, when Uncle Evil and I arrived around 9 AM, we were too early. So we headed out to find other seafood sellers. The first one was “sold out, back tomorrow” but the next one had actual shrimp, if of a smaller size that we had wanted. But we bought four pounds anyway. We also went shopping for medical supplies to treat Corwin’s hand, Uncle Evil for unimaginable reasons being familiar with such treatments.

Then it was time for more beaching. I had purchased a sand skimmer at the store yesterday and tried it out. Unfortunately I had neglected to bring along the sticky wax that went with it so the experimentation did not go particularly well. I had one or two short glides but nothing really good.

We made Alice go to the beach with us despite her complaints of sand. She stayed up in the dry sand mostly, refusing to do more than dart in to the waves up to her ankles. Corwin, in contrast, spent literally hours letting himself get pummeled by waves. He and Charles also did quite a lot of boogie board. Even Mom tried it out, achieving two personal bests on both the boogie board and body surfing. I think she’s ready for learning some advanced techniques. Charles is still struggling with the basics. I suspect that he isn’t strong or possibly tall enough to kick off well as the wave comes in so he usually doesn’t catch it properly. Corwin did well and it’s starting to come back to me, I had a number of very nice rides in to shore. On one of them, however, I managed to hit my toe on something and get it bleeding so that I had wounds on both feet. Mom was thrilled.

Uncle Evil started a game of tag using a small soccer ball. There was a lot of chasing around the beach. I got tagged once because Charles nailed Uncle Evil so well I was laughing too hard to escape his tag. Corwin executed an really excellent sneak at one point as well. I got Corwin with a bounce off the head so the ball went flying off in to the surf before he could retrieve, allowing an easy escape for me. By the afternoon, however, all three of the kids had retreated to the pool.

Uncle Evil also dug a hole at the beach camp site with one of Charles’ nice shovels that got all the way down to the water line in the dry sand. At one point after I got tired from the surf I headed back to camp to find a very cute girl in a very nice black bikini with gold trim down the middle of the top hanging out there. I thought I had the wrong place but it turned out she and her companion had lost their football down the Evil Hole. We managed to get it out with the shovel. At a later point, I dropped off my video camera because I was done filming. When I came back, the camera was missing. Everyone thought I was confused but it turned out to have somehow made it to the bottom of the hole. Uncle Evil tried to use the shovel to get it out but it would dig in to the side and not come up. I was able to reach down and grab it while Uncle Evil said “you’ll never reach it”. Bwahahaha.

Charles had been complaining (once or twice a day) that despite being next door to Camp Lejuene we had not seen any military transport ships. But today we saw two Osprey aircraft cruising up and down the beach. Charles was not as thrilled as I had hope but at least he stopped complaining about no military craft. We saw a couple of helicopters later in the day too.

In the evening Uncle Evil, Corwin, and I were sent down to grill the shrimp. There are a set of grills for the condiminium complex. One of them was available will already lit coals so we had an easy time getting things started. Mom came down to join us after all that hard work. She and Uncle Evil decapitated all the shrimp and then skewered most of them (saving a few back for boiling). They turned out excellent and Aunt Nong made some Thai food for us for a good dinner without having to go out.

After dinner we all went out for a walk on the beach at night. We got a couple of compliments on our flashlights because we had white, green, red, and blue. We saw the Milky Way. Mom claimed to see two satellites and two shooting stars but Uncle Evil and I think she saw two airplanes. We saw some crabs. One was captured by some young girls who claimed they would release them crab later. For another one, Corwin spotted a rather large one that we tracked until another family, to whom we pointed out the crab so they could see it, grabbed it for bait. We decided to not make an issue of them poaching our crab however. At one point Alice spotted a tiny little crab and started running around in circles shreiking. Uncle Evil thought she was just being funny but she was actually terrified of the crab which was “coming to get me!”. I suggested that in the future, she try running away by actually running away rather than in circles. Alice did not take it well.

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