Monday 23 August 2010

Another time of the season

First day of soccer practice. Corwin has the same coach as last year and mostly the same team, although naturally all of the formerly in 8th grade players have moved on. It’s a big team, at least 25 players (possibly more) which is a bad number, not quite enough for two teams but too big for one. Corwin had to get new shoes which Mom, thinking ahead, had us check for the day before\ practice rather than 20 minutes before.

Charles has a new coach. I thought he might get his coach from last year but as far as I can tell he’s not a coach this year. Instead Ema’s dad is his coach and AnnaO is on his team. For once, though, RachelG isn’t a teammate. Charles’ team has only 3 4th graders so it is a young team which means Charles will have to upgrade his game this season. He’s started well — the bit I watched had the kids running up and shooting goals from out in the field and both times Charles was the only one who got his ball in the goal. If he does that and gets his running game back he should be golden.

Alice isn’t doing soccer these days, she’s too busy with dance and acrobatics. It’s just too hectic to try and get her to soccer practice as well.

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