Friday 30 July 2010

Travel day

Today was a long travel day. We spent all day yesterday packing and cleaning so we could load up and go at a early hour. The plan actually worked and while we had planned to get moving by 9 AM, we actually were pulling out on the highway by 8 AM. And I think we didn’t forgot anything.

The big excitement of the day was driving through Charleston, West Virginia. As was entered the outskits, Charles declared “This is my town”. This was considered a good call until they spotted the state capitol building which has a gold leaf roof. Then Charles was very happy because he had something shiny. All the children started chanting “shiny, shiny shiny” to celebrate Charles’ winnage. As we wove through the local hills and trees, they would call out “I see the shiny!” whenever they caught a glimpse of the building. There was much sadness when we finally passed beyond it forever.

The other thing the kids enjoyed on the trip was singing little bits of the song Octopus’ Garden, inspired by Charles’ string band’s live performance of the song.

The kids also provided some excitement. Mom pointed out a large river as we drove over it and the kids started hooting with excitement. “Woooooo! A river Wooooo!”. I pointed a rock shortly afterwards and was rewarded with similar hoots and calls of “a rock, a rock!”. Mom was not as appreciative of the kids enthusiasm, even when they were impressed by the large number of trees in the mountains (Mom said there was a forest there but I couldn’t see it through the trees).

Mom was glad to stop for the night.

Long day traveling.

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