Friday 09 July 2010

Straight up bribery

After a week with only a couple of mornings where Alice didn’t wake up in urine soaked sheets, Mom decided to try explicit bribery. Alice had been admiring a particular castle with prince and princess toy which Mom found on sale at a local store. Alice was promised that she could use her Christmas / birthday money to buy the toy if she went an entire week without any containment failures.

A few days later Mom noticed that Charles was helping Alice, acting as her “potty manager”. Mom thought that was sweet until she also discovered that Charles had convinced Alice that what Alice really wanted was a Lego™ airplane about which he had been pestering Mom. I thought it was that Alice liked her brother and was willing to be cooperative, Mom’s view was Alice was just easily confused by a smooth talker like Charles.

Today marked the one week goal and Mom let Alice and Charles both buy the objects of their dreams, which have finally wiped out the piles of cash from relatives they had been accumulating. The Lego™ kit had to be ordered online so Alice got her toy first. It had to be assembled. Normally this would have to be done by a parent but Charles got the project started immediately and had it finished by the end of the evening, despite some frustration (I only had to help with one window which didn’t fit as well as the others).

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Mom was thrilled to have Alice announce, loud and proud, that she had gone a week without peeing her bed at a dinner for the family of one of Mom’s high school friends. So I feel no guilt about posting it here.

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