Saturday 03 July 2010

ISYM Finale

Today’s big event was Corwin’s concert at the end of his ISYM camp. Corwin played well despite forgetting to bring his chin rest. We arrived early but the audience was already mostly there, watching the practice. This at least made it easy to get some action shots of Corwin before the real event. Corwin was envious of the harpist, who is a girl at the church, because she managed to be right in the middle hidden by her harp and music stands so that no one could take pictures of her.

We hung out on campus for a while afterwards while Mom and Corwin went off on some ill defined errand. I stalked Charles and Alice for pictures while Grandma waited patiently and pretended we were related to other people. The errand might have been about pictures because earlier we had this conversation —

Mom: We need to remember to picture up the ISYM pictures.

Dad: Where are those?

Mom: I am not sure. Surely Corwin knows.

Mom & Dad: Hahahahahaha!

Mom: I will ask some staffer when we get there.

I took a nap after that then Mom rousted us all for a round of mini-golf. Charles did not do well and nearly broke down a couple of times, even after I helped him with his putting (quite successfully but it didn’t seem to stick). I managed to tie Corwin (with Mom a couple of strokes back) but I suspect that was my last moment of glory before being eclipsed.

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