Sunday 18 July 2010

Gearing up

Mom went out with Charles today to get a new bike for Charles. We have been on a couple of bike trips lately where Charles had a hard time because his bike didn’t have any gears. We would get cruising (Alice on her tag-along) and poor Charles would have to pedal at a furious pace and still not keep up. Charles himself was lukewarm about the idea. I thought he would understand it immediately, given his time spent in driving games but Mom still had to explain the concept to him.

Charles ended up with a bike very similar to Corwin, with 21 gears (3×7). The sit is set very low because Mom was persuaded to get the 26” version instead of the 24” we had planned. The shiftting is done by rotating dials on the handle bars. Charles seems pleased with his new bike so maybe we’ll be able to do more family biking without worrying about reducing family size.

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