Saturday 24 July 2010

Fly boy

We had a very busy day today, plus I am way behind on some work stuff, but the rocket club had a launch and Corwin was very insistent on getting out to fly some of the rockets he’s built. So off we went, taking along Corwin’s Quark and “Spootnik” which is basically a 4 inch Styrofoam ball with 4 sticks in it.

Things went well. Corwin flew his Quark three times, once a ¼A and twice on ½A. I suggested going to a full A motor but he was already having trouble keeping it in sight despite its garish neon paint. The ground was damp from rain and so the Quark nicely lawn darted every time1, albeit undamaged.

The Sputnik did well, with a good flight.

I tried a couple of my rockets with success, although the first one landed near the creek. Although the nose cone was literally danging over the water, the shock cord hung up on the cattails, it was not actually in the water so I count it as a good landing. I had to wait out in to ankle deep mud to get it back but such is the life of a model rocketeer. Much worse than the mud were the lacerations from the cattails.

1 The Quark is a “tumble recovery” rocket, which means it is so light that there’s no parachute or streamer, it just falls out of the sky.

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