Wednesday 28 July 2010

Escape from camp

Charles came home from camping today. I drove out to pick him up because there had been some discussion about a potential lack of adults for helping break camp and transportation. As it turns out, there wasn’t really, but it was still nice to get Charles and his stuff home directly.

Charles seemed in good spirits, although he refused to discuss anything that went on at camp except that the water tasted “different”. I personally like the well water tang there but Charles was evasive on his gustatory evaluation of the difference. Charles seemed to have a remarkably small number of insect bits. He also managed to make it through without getting rained on, something I indicated he should be sure to point out to Corwin (which he did, twice). Corwin amended his question later because, as is frequently said, it never rains at camp, it’s just very heavy dew.

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