Sunday 04 July 2010

Enjoying Independence Day

We had a big today for Independence Day. Mom decided that Charles should participate in the Youth Run held before the parade. Mom had thought she might do the 5K adult run but managed to set herself up as a reader for church so she would have an excuse. Charles ran well, running the entire way, and coming in third. At the end he was in a close race with another boy who tried to keep ahead by repeatedly crossing over and into Charles. The first time seemed accidental but after 3 or 4 repeats it was clearly a tactic. Charles, however, had kept a reserve and so was able to burst pass for a better finish. He got a nice ribbon, which they were handing out to the first 30 or so finishers. Charles was forced to fill in the event data on the other side and resisted the temptation to simply write in “first”. Mom was thrilled because Charles ran with a couple of cute girls most of the way although, once the end was in sight, they were abandoned in Charles’ drive for victory.

We headed home after that but immediately set out again, this time on bikes, because Charles and Corwin were in the Scout float (which was the third one in the parade, presumably in honor of Charles’ stunning victory in the morning). The kids rode bikes, and I walked along. The weather was warm but not stifling and reasonably pleasant until we were hit by a sudden rain storm a little over half way through. It only lasted 10 minutes or so but featured some very heavy rain. The marching band behind us was forced to flee for shelter to protect their instruments, although they came back out when it backed off to a light drizzle. We, being Scouts, forged on regardless and were cheered by the crowd that remained.

At the end I had hoped to catch a ride back to the start but the boys wanted to find some Scout sponsored snacks so I ended up having to walk back to get my bike. Mom thought that was fine, I needed the exercise. While walking back to find Mom, Corwin was greeted by at least two different girls of his age, both of whom he tried to ignore. For one of them I had to physically restrain him so that the greeting could proceed. The girl commented “Corwin, you can’t ignore me and walk away just because I said ‘hi’!”.

The evening was for fireworks. It was a good show (I took a few pictures) and the kids were only somewhat ill-behaved. Best of all Mom tried a different exit strategy and got us home in much less time than previous years.

Charles starts off strong

Charles with the inevitable admirers

Biking in the parade

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